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Welcome! I'm Carly.

I am happy to share a bit of my story and the therapeutic approach that guides your journey.

As a seasoned therapist devoted to nurturing your therapeutic process of self-discovery and healing, I believe that everyone has potential for growth and transformation and that there is hope for all of us.

Above all, I believe in being a human first, and my compassion and curiosity for every person – their struggles, strengths, and stories – drives my commitment and life’s work to support others.

I am passionate about supporting adults grappling with the impact of various life situations, such as childhood emotional injury, relational wounding, parenthood and work challenges, relationship dynamics, grief, anxiety, depression, loss of purpose, and life transitions.

I am here to accompany you as you navigate these life challenges, offering a space where you can explore your inner experiences that are welcomed and related to with kindness and understanding.

A Therapy Approach that Resonates with You

Therapeutic Foundation

My primary modality as a therapist is Internal Family Systems, a holistic method with the intention of cultivating harmony and understanding within yourself.

Beyond Talk Therapy

I go beyond traditional ‘talk therapy’ by incorporating body-based techniques. This means tuning into the wisdom of your body, that go beyond familiar stories and getting to know and be-friend your inner body.

Understanding Experiences

Rather than merely treating symptoms, I guide you in learning from and understanding your experiences, fostering a deeper connection with yourself.

Holistic Growth

For me, therapy transcends just healing; it’s a journey back to your authentic Self, a pathway to personal growth, and a commitment to living authentically. This perspective extends beyond the notion of perpetual healing as an end destination, but rather emphasizes that healing and living in connection to your deepest Self is a life choice.

Practical Strategies

Throughout this process, you’ll learn practical strategies to connect with yourself and cultivate meaningful relationships.

A Journey Shared

In my therapy approach, I consider myself a companion and confidant on this journey of life. I am a fellow traveler, embracing the universal practice of healing as a lifestyle and choice we make to be our most authentic Self. Acknowledging that, like everyone else, I’m on my personal and ongoing journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. This shared perspective, I believe, makes my therapy approach practical, relatable, and humanistic.

Mind, Body & Heart Therapy (MBHT)

As a Mind, Body & Heart Therapy (MBHT) practitioner, I embrace a philosophy beyond traditional ‘talk therapy.’ In this approach, our feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations become gateways to healing, greatly influenced by the intricate relationship between mind, body, and heart.

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How Does MBHT Work?

MBHT Methodology

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Connect with me

I am honored to be considered to join you on your path.