Discover the profound journey within yourself through Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy—a gentle exploration into the intricate 'parts' that influence your unique human experience.

Parts Within Us

An interconnected tapestry of ‘parts’ live within us, shaped by experiences, emotions, and beliefs. As human beings, we have what’s known as multiplicity of mind or different personalities or aspects of ourselves. This is true for everyone. In our sessions, we navigate through these parts with a direct and caring approach, fostering understanding, acceptance, and integration.

Benefits of IFS Therapy

Who Can Benefit from IFS Therapy?

I specifically offer support to people who:

How IFS Therapy Works

In our sessions, we work collaboratively to connect to and understand your internal parts which show up as physical sensations, memories, emotions or beliefs. This process involves developing compassionate relationships with each part, understanding the root causes of your suffering, and allowing greater harmony and integration to unfold within yourself.

Relational Life Therapy, Healing Our Core Issues and EMDR Integration

Alongside IFS, I incorporate the Healing Our Core Issues model, EMDR, Relational Life Therapy, and somatic and breathing practices to enhance your ability to heal and nurture healthy relationships with others and yourself.

These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.

- Rumi

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