Somatic Therapy

Have you ever considered how each aspect of your being – your body, mind, and spirit – plays a unique role in your overall well-being?

 Somatic Therapy is an invitation to a journey of harmony, where every layer of your existence resonates in unison, leading to inner peace, ease, and healing.

A Panoramic View of Your Unique Being

As a Somatic Yoga Therapy practitioner, I bring a holistic perspective to our sessions. Humans are intricate mosaics, composed of layers, including:

Why Choose Somatic Therapy

Holistic Exploration

I guide you through a comprehensive exploration of your mind, body, and heart, fostering harmony and ease. We do this through:

"The challenges we face are often the source of our deepest wisdom.”

- Janice Gates

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I am honored to be considered to join you on your path.