Life is an intricate journey and we all face moments that can be overwhelming, confusing, and disheartening. In my practice, I specialize in creating a safe and comfortable space for self-discovery and healing in various areas.


Anxiety is a natural part of life, but it can sometimes feel like we’re stuck in a cycle that is hard to get out of and depletes our energy, mental capacity, and hope. Instead of trying to push anxiety away, I believe in understanding your physiology and befriending it. Your mind and body are trying to tell you something important and has made adaptations to get your attention. In developing a relationship with the symptoms, you connect to a deeper understanding of the origins, what they are communicating, and what they need.

Relational Wounding

Our early experiences shape our thoughts, emotions, moods, and behaviors. We develop coping habits that stay with us into adulthood, affecting our relationships, and how we see and interact with the world. By compassionately understanding how the past impacts the present and attending to the vulnerabilities of our young lives, we can uncover paths to healing and self-discovery.


Being in an intimate partnership is often the one relationship that will activate the most painful childhood wounding and trauma and highlight our most sensitive vulnerabilities. When childhood wounding is activated between people it can feel like two children are in relationship with each other. And when one person has been more impacted by early trauma, one partner can be confused, angry, and frustrated because reactions, feelings, and behaviors don’t make logical sense.  Therapy for couples helps to address the underlying responses that obscure the deep wish for love and connection. Couples sessions are two hours and not covered under insurance due to  length of time. 

Professional Relationships & Work Stress

We spend the majority of life with the people we work with and often those relationships can be stressful in terms of navigating personalities, needs, varying perspectives, and backgrounds. When professional relationships and work environments are difficult they have the potential to impact many areas of our life that are important to us. Together, in our sessions, we can understand and problem solve relational dynamics, discuss work-life boundaries, and strategies to engage with work in a meaningful way.

Life Transitions

The transitions we face during our life —parenthood, career changes, shifting friendships, retirement, and aging parents—can leave us feeling disoriented and alone. Through meaningful conversations, we uncover strength, resilience, and meaning in life .


Divorce is a significant life transition, often diverging from our envisioned future. In the midst of pain and challenges, there lies an opportunity for personal growth and healing. My focus is on understanding and healing aspects that may have been overlooked during the intimate relationship and how to navigate this transition.

Grief & Loss

Grieving is a personal journey, often nonlinear and unpredictable. Having a non judgemental space to express yourself is essential in your process. Grief deserves your time, patience, and care.

Intergenerational & Legacy Trauma

Our feelings, beliefs, and physical manifestations are intertwined with the experiences of our ancestors. Together, we explore the energies, experiences, and perspectives that have influenced your life, shedding light on both conscious and subconscious influences and how they reveal themselves in the present day.


Depression is a loss of heart, often acting as a shield, protecting us from vulnerability, pain, and hurt. Instead of turning away from it, my approach encourages gently embracing it with curiosity, compassion, and awareness. By exploring the underlying pain and experiences, we open a path of care and self-compassion.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

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