One Step At A Time

I was on my way to an appointment a few weeks ago and on the way there I received a phone call asking if I was still planning to come. I told the woman on the other line that I thought the appointment was at 12:45 which meant I would be right on time. She had on her schedule for 12:00 which now meant I would be 45 minutes late. My stomach got twisted into a knot and my heart started beating quickly. 

I don’t like being late for appointments. I also really don’t like being late for appointments that impact other people’s schedule or livelihood. More than anything though, I don’t like making mistakes. 

The woman on the other line said not to worry.

When I arrived she greeted me with a vibrant warmth. She said “I am so glad that you were late. I was praying that you would be so that I could spend extra time with a new client that was right before you. Then, I would have more time with you.” And she continued to say with a bright smile that life always works out the way it should. 

Everything in my body relaxed and I felt relieved that I hadn’t impacted her day in a way that would be an inconvenience. 

The woman that I went to see was a massage therapist and also a healer of many sorts. 

“Can I ask you a few questions before we start so I can get to know you,” she said. And our conversation started . . . 

Over the course of the next few weeks, I spent many hours with Maria. She shared her life’s philosophies and how she healed from the abuse in a domestic violence marriage; how she came to peace navigating the tensions and stress of being Greek American and not knowing who she really was and how she brought her health back to wholeness after decades of chronic illness and pain. 

Maria is a radiant human being full of love, wisdom, care and kindness. She didn’t get to this place without going through many dark nights of the soul. She didn’t get to this place without making mistakes, having regret, guilt and shame. She also didn’t get to this place without having to work with her own mind states that would take her to dark places. 

Little-by-little things changed for her. 

Sometimes when we are in a hard place it can feel like a daunting endeavor to overcome suffering. It can feel overwhelming and difficult to know where to start; like a mountain that you are about to climb.

But that’s just it . . . we take one step at a time. All of those small steps add up to a journey AND no journey is straight. No journey has a direct path. And no journey is ever easy all the time. 

We need other human beings on our journey. We borrow from other’s lessons; we learn from each other; we hold each other in kindness and care; we have faith in each other; we listen and we hold a mirror to their goodness when they can’t see their own. 

Maria was a gift given to me given by life. Life-Spirit-God knew that I needed her wisdom. They knew that I needed a little bit of extra kindness and care. Life took care of me. 

And here’s a song I’ve been listening to lately. I hope you enjoy! Click here.


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