Retreats . . . Coming Home to Yourself

Have you ever had one of those days or maybe a few weeks or a season where the energy of your life is caring for others either mentally, physically, emotionally or energetically. Or maybe you’ve reached a stage in your life where there is an absence of care or outward energy and there is extra time that you are newly relating to which has its own feelings and experiences. Or perhaps you’re just carrying what I call the “backpack of life” that just feels heavy. For whatever reason, it keeps filling up without being able to empty anything out.

I often notice when I land in a yoga posture, meditation or in a Yoga Nidra what is happening at the surface level of my mind, body, and heart, but also aware of the stirrings underneath everyday noise. 

You may relate to feeling busy or frenetic energy that is buzzing through your system even though you might be quiet and still. Or there’s the experience of feeling revved up and at the same time being exhausted and fatigued. Sometimes there can be the awareness of patterns in the body of tension, holding, gripping or tightness. And because patterns become normal and familiar we aren’t even aware that we’re holding our life in our body. 

The intention of slowing down and pausing in retreats is to offer the gift of time and space for you to have a reprieve, for you to set down your backpack so that you can connect with what is at the deepest in all of us . . . our spirit.

When we are operating and living from our surfaced channels; none of us are exempt from the angst of being disconnected from our essence, true nature, God, spirit (whatever word is true for you). In my understanding and what I bear witness to is that the essence of human suffering is when we are disconnected.

When we don’t have access to our deepest sense of who we are and the energy that flows when we do, we forget, we get tight, we get negative, we get scared, anxious or depressed (or maybe a bit of everything). 

We all have different ways of connecting to our heart; to our essence and to the energy that flows when we are. You know the feeling when you might be looking up at the sky, see a beautiful moon, are connected with a grandchild’s laughter, singing in your car when nobody can hear you or maybe knitting something for someone you love. 

Retreats are simply another way . . . They aren’t the only way but they are a way that I find to be nourishing and a real gift to coming back home to myself which is why I offer them to you.

Your mind, body and heart will be delighted. 

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