The Sun Shines Through

This morning as I sit to write I appreciate these moments of quiet and notice a gentle peacefulness as I breathe and listen to soft music in the background. And in this same moment, I notice stirrings in my heart. I’ve been reflecting A LOT about life lately and a phrase that continues to arise for me is . . . life is mixed.

Everywhere I look, I see and feel it . . . life is mixed.

I was on a walk in the woods this weekend and was completely lost in my thoughts. I looked up for a moment and was captured by the most beautiful fall trees with spectacular rays of sunlight shining through.

Life is full of blessings and beauty; it’s around us everyday. Life is also full of heartache and suffering; that is also around us everyday. So where do we put our attention?

Well, that’s just it . . . both. Even in the midst of our heartache and suffering, our stresses and disappointments there are also blessings and beauty.

What feels true is that life isn’t about one or the other . . . but the mix of holding it all. It’s about allowing the beauty and blessings to be mixed with our sadness, worries, heartbreak and disappointments.  

That’s what it feels like to be human right now; not one particular way, but a mixture of feelings, thoughts, memories, hopes, fears and wishes.

We are always evolving and changing; taking in new experiences and integrating our hurts and losses. We are always a mixture of life’s experiences; both the beautiful and the painful.

I dropped my 13 year-old daughter at school today and she was annoyed with me. I drove away not feeling great about starting the day that way. I turned the corner and there was a beautiful fog just over the park with the sun shining through. 

What blessings and beauty will you put your attention on today?

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